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Rory, I’m not trying to be rude… but you died.

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You know, I’ve been thinking about this “Carol’s powers are too vague for them to be fun in a film” argument, and I’m starting to see Whedon’s point: 

I mean, she’s only a soldier (pilot, whatever) with super human strength who can hit things really hard like Captain America. And I mean, sure, she can can fly unaided like Thor but that’s boring and totally useless. Also, why would you want to make a movie about an alien hybrid like Peter Quill? It’s all utterly incomprehensible, which is why none of those guys have ever gotten movies either. 



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Besides, you couldn’t pay me enough to join the Avengers.

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❝ You are so good. So good, you’re always feeling so much. And sometimes it feels like you’re gonna bust wide open from all the feeling, don’t it? People like you are the best in the world, but you sure do suffer for it. ❞

— Silas House, This is My Heart for You (via larmoyante)
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Thor “don’t you dare to call me somehow except my name” Odinson

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Thor , 2011

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