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Your ticket to the multiverse, princess.

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"I’ll die a warrior’s death! Stories will be told of this day! // Live, and tell those stories yourself!" [belated birthday present for cyborgnebula]

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marvel comics meme: 3/10 characters  Kate Bishop

Every last one of you sit the futz down and shut the futz up right now.

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women of the mcu → Frigga (Thor)

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Anonymous asked:
do we know why thor is unworthy?

billyteddy answered:

nick fury whispered one word into thor’s ear and mjolnir fell from thor’s grasp. presumably he said something that thor either forgot about or nobody was supposed to know i realllllly have no idea lmao my bet is that fury whispered “incest” and thor was like oh shit and got sweaty hands and then mjolnir was like Tha fuck no one was supposed to know ‘bout you and loki

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