back during s3 i used to make cracks about derek’s unfortunate downstairs neighbor who dealt with things like

  • the troop of teenagers going in and out of the elevator to the loft at all hours
  • peter hale, who deserves his own bullet point
  • imagine having to share the elevator with peter, for real
  • seriously though, the teens. is this a cult, should someone be called about this?
  • are those teens in the same room with the guy with the villain goatee and the frighteningly low v-necks because that’s cause for concern right there
  • is that blood dripping through the crack in the ceiling?
  • loud, reverberating growling and roars, no matter what time it is
  • things breaking
  • those things probably getting repaired and loudly
  • that awful alarm. that is a terrible security system okay
  • that time there was definitely floods of water pouring through every available crack in the ceiling
  • the power to the building just got cut off. fantastic
  • that’s definitely a trail of blood leading to the elevator
  • and then it was blissfully quiet for a few weeks
  • is someone throwing a rave upstairs

that said, learning that derek owns the building and is the landlord makes all of this 5000x more hilarious okay

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my writing style could best be described as “probably more commas than is entirely necessary”

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Is this actually what you do?  Do you just crook your finger and people just jump in your snog box and fly away?

Is this actually what you do?  Do you just crook your finger and people just jump in your snog box and fly away?

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And when you kiss me, I am happy enough to die

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Game of Politics: It’s 2014 and Robert Baratheon is Prime Minister of Westeros.

Idris Elba as Robert Baratheon, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Stannis Baratheon and Anthony Mackie as Renly Baratheon.

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We tell her that we don’t know what Carol’s going to be like when she comes back. She might not remember us. She might not even remember herself. But we will know. We will know the light she has inside her because she showed us all today. We will know. She’s Captain Marvel. She’s our hero.— captain marvel #014
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